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Advanced UX & Technology.

Clintell helps brands create and improve their digital identity trough the most advanced technology, design and customer behavior techniques.

Digital Marketing.

Every step matters.

Each word, each click.
We combine behavioral economics, strong data and decision-making process analysis to help you build humanbased brands that are pertinent, meaningful and friendly.
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average sales increase in our clients sites.

Some of our techniques:

Turn on your phone


Our team has worked for companies like:

Web Development,
App Development (iOS & Android)
Web Design
App Design (UX/UI)
Ecommerce Development
Digital Marketing

"Diego is a very analytical professional. He has a true passion for data-driven, yet very human sensed work. His skills for mastering data, organizing and executing logical insights are astonishing."

Alejandra Arroyo
Google (Spain)

"Diego is a great definition of a talented and driven guy. His determination and commitment when working in a project, along with his natural ability to spread joy among those who surround him positioned Diego as a key player in our team."

Pablo Cuellar
Territory Manager
Procter & Gamble (Spain)

"Diego is one of the brightest mind I have ever met. His analytical skills together with his ability to think out of the box allow him to find unique solutions to business problems."

Irene Bosi
Brand Manager
Perfetti Van Melle (Italy)

"I have been working closely with him and I am very impressed with the approach they take to the different challenges. Awesome and useful behavior knowledge. Cheers."

Peps Sanseroni
Customer insights Analyst
Ryanair (Ireland)